About our Memberships

Welcome to our exclusive Figure Skating Membership, where passion meets excellence on the ice. As a member, you'll gain access to a world of opportunities and benefits that will elevate your figure skating experience like never before.

With our Figure Skating Membership, you'll enjoy priority access to our state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring you have ample ice time to practice and refine your skills. Take advantage of our dedicated freestyle sessions, where you can perfect your jumps, spins, and artistic elements in a focused and supportive environment.

But that's not all. As a valued member, you'll also receive reduced fees on SSFSC Test sessions, reduced AHCI Freestyle session fees, an opportunity to purchase SSFSC Club merchandise, and an opportunity to participate in Club Sponsored Events! Take your training to new heights with personalized guidance from experts who are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential.

Join our Figure Skating Membership today and embark on an incredible journey filled with growth, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments on the ice. Elevate your skating, unleash your potential, and become part of our vibrant figure skating community.

Membership Benefits

  • Reduced Testing Fees

    Members will receive reduced fees for SSFSC Test Sessions

  • Reduced Freestyle Fees

    Members will receive reduced fees for AdventHealth Center Ice Freestyle sessions

  • Limited Edition Merchandise

    Members will be able to purchase Sunshine State Figure Skating Club merchandise

  • Participate in Club Sponsored Events

    Monthly Virtual Test Sessions, Social Events, Fundraisers, Skater Recognition, Competitions

Types of Memberships


  • Full Membership
  • Skaters 17 and under
  • Includes one free non-skating parent membership
  • Voting Rights


  • Full Membership
  • Full-time undergrad or graduate students
  • Valid for one continuous period of 4-years
  • Voting Rights


  • Full Membership
  • For first-time SSFSC & USFS skaters
  • Only eligible for one membership year. This restriction includes prior memberships with USFS Clubs
  • Non-Voting Rights


  • Full Membership
  • Skaters 18 and older
  • Voting Rights


  • Skaters who want to have SSFSC privileges and belong to another home club
  • Non-Voting Rights


  • Professional coaches only
  • Voting Rights


  • Full Membership
  • For subsequent skaters or family members
  • Must be accompanied by a full member
  • Voting Rights